Could a sound persist – under sands – unseen?

{is} a collective multimedia performance with a circular rehearsal, under construction next to
Adriana A. Leanza, Gloria Sogl, Julia von Schantz, Meii Soh, Ronja Sommer, Ros del Olmo, Seán Bean, Seré, Stephen McEvoy, Thamyres Matarozzi and Egija Inzule, Jurga Daubaraitė, Jonas Žukauskas from Neringa Forest Architecture.

<Back is Foward and Foward is Back> as we drew on dust with our pointed tails.

{is} an invitation. To bifurcate, become roots, stand branched. <Below Is Above, And Above Is Below> it whispers, while your feet are sinking in the sand in motion. 

{is} a prediction. A prophecy of sound, a shadow of the world below. A postcard amulet of Robinia lineament, a portal, a whirl. A voice that foresees, if you blink, you’ll miss it. 

{is} a looped window on a secret forest. A layer of layers, a reptilian cry. A root that connects, disguised. Unveils, retraces, repeats, recites. 

{roots} from the group’s collaborative one year study. Reflecting on human and more-than-human temporalities, symbiosis, swamp knowledge(s), (dis)placement and site-specificity, the performance draws questions on scale(s), circular rhythms and subterranean sounds to generate a multimedia and pixelated image of the forest.

The fortuneteller foresees wearing shoes that comfortably linger the extension of time. Mind the sun, mind the clouds.

presented under the frame of DAI Roaming Academy, hosted by Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania