IRL, 2022

The respawn moment
In real life
I feel.
Sensing the smell of Zimtschnecken while walking along Gartenstraße
My purple Birkenstock sandals making suction noise 
Game saved.
There on the floor sleeps a man, his head resting on a Ikea-bag
The doors of Line 11 closing behind me with a squishing noise
Over there a jung woman on a motorbike stopping for traffic lights, wearing a Pikachu-helmet
A golden chihuahua suddenly barking high pitched
The game saves your progress_
I slip and hit my head on the edge.
What’s hot today? Melting polar caps
Will it crack if I sit down?
Cold earthy material squishing trough my toes
Sunny side up
Saving your Game.
Sipping my iced chai, homemade oat milk
Clean up after the pet
Me plotting my diary and sticking it on the doorstep
It’s all good
Running errands with e-bike
Save the current game.
Dead inside
Lights up when needs care
feed a meal or a snack
What happens when your tamagotchi dies?
Tamagotchi don’t die anymore
Start over
Good luck